ActiveG Jayu for Maximo—spatial visualization for all

Have you ever wanted to share maps of your Maximo work orders and assets with non-Maximo users?  Or ever wanted to integrate your GIS and Maximo, but were afraid of the cost and the effort to make it work? Then you’re not alone.  And that’s why we’ve created Jayu (pronounced Jah-Yoo).

ActiveG JayuJayu is a robust standalone web application specifically tailored to integrate GIS and Maximo data, making it accessible to whomever you choose. Jayu is the perfect blend of simplicity and power, giving your entire organization the access to a visual feature set based upon Maximo data.

Jayu builds upon the rich functionality of ActiveG MapEngine, and extends those tools to anyone in your organization.


  • Search Maximo Assets, Locations, Work Orders, and Service Requests
  • Create user-defined Work Order and Service Request visualizations
  • Filter work orders by Lead, Group, Dates, and more
  • Cluster work orders for better analysis
  • GIS Layer visibility controls
  • Generate work and asset lists based on location criteria

Quick Specs

  • Requires IIS 8+, SQL Server 2008 or later, Esri ArcGIS Server 10.x, and Maximo (of course).

So give us a call today to see how quickly you can be up and running with a GIS-based map for your Maximo data!