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Your Enterprise

Taking Your Enterprise Spatial

The figure below illustrates how various services and data can be assembled together to get the best use of/ROI for your spatial data.  A variety of spatially-related data can be stored in one or more spatial stores within your organization.  This data can be accessed through spatial viewers both embedded in Maximo, and also viewed through separate stand-alone viewers such as Google Earth, Google Maps, Microsoft Bing Maps, etc.  Once the viewers are embedded into to Maximo/MapEngine, users can perform any asset-related transaction through the map interface.

Your EnterpriseThis configuration allows the customer the benefit of directly accessing asset and work-related GIS data while inside Maximo, and at the same time it provides a path for future growth when the need for accessing non-asset data via a map becomes important.

And if you’re a MapEngine user, it doesn’t matter where you store the data.  So whether your GIS data storage preference is Oracle Spatial, ArcSDE, SQL Server, flat files, or some other data warehouse,  MapEngine can deliver that data visually inside Maximo.

Pulse 2011 Rewind

Many thanks to all those who came out to visit us at Pulse 2011 in Las Vegas.  We enjoyed getting to meet all of you who stopped by the booth and we appreciated the opportunity to share info about activeG with you.

Amtrak's Bill Broughton gets the rock star treatment at the Pulse 2011 kickoff

activeG was proud to be a part of a couple of important events:

activeG participated in the first annual Maximo Rail Industry Summit, hosted by Amtrak’s Bill Broughton.  Thanks to the many companies and individuals who made the summit something worth attending.

Also, activeG’s MapEngine was featured as part of the Water/Wastewater Panel, where Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District’s Jason MacGill shared some new functionality called Measurement Recording.