MapEngine and RulesManager Now Power Up Maximo Together

As a result of our recently-announced partnership with Total Resource Management, activeG is proud to offer integration between TRM RulesManager and activeG MapEngine, unlocking Maximo with the power of rules-based transactions driven through MapEngine’s spatial interface.

Ever wished you could do things like:

  • On an array of work orders in a given geographic region, set the work order lead to a specified person?
  • Change the parent of selected work orders to a new or other work order for grouping common work based on location?
  • Set the GL account, work code, any other attribute on work orders selected on a map?

All this is now possible without the need of complicated MBO programming.  Instead, create JavaScript-based rules in RulesManager that leverage MapEngine’s spatial functionality.

The bottom line:

  • Use MapEngine’s map-based GUI to query/select assets, locations, work orders and more–with or without spatial criteria, then…
  • Use RulesManager to take the data gathered on the map and do basic-to-complex transactions simply, doing the heavy lifting in Maximo.

For a complete demo of MapEngine and RulesManager together making Maximo even more powerful, contact us today.