Premier GIS Visualization for Maximo

ActiveG MapEngine™ seamlessly integrates your enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) and IBM Maximo system by embedding maps directly into IBM’s strategic asset management solution.

ActiveG MapEngine brings Maximo and GIS together by map-enabling your Maximo system, and integrating Maximo and GIS at both the data and application levels.

Native mobile support for Maximo Everyplace

MapEngine gives you out-of-the-box mobile access to your maps connected to Maximo Everyplace*, so your field users can find and locate Maximo assets easily and accurately.

*Requires Maximo 7.6.x.

Spatial Reports

MapEngine provides powerful, user-driven, query-based spatial search and reporting capabilities that visually unlock Maximo data for your users.

Search Maximo spatially, using virtually unlimited parameters for a user-defined region or area on the map.

Customer story: Seattle Public Utilities

With ActiveG MapEngine™ embedded in the Call Intake and Dispatching applications, Seattle Public Utilities’ operators now have the ability to select utility assets from the map based on an address query and to see existing work orders when entering a new call or work order.

This has greatly reduced the time involved in entering calls and dispatching crews to respond to them.