Flexibility is King

I was with some friends recently who have a very flexible son.  He showed me his array of Gumby-like moves that would make most inflexible adults wince.  He reminded me how limber kids are—both figuratively and literally.  And in a world where things change quickly, flexibility is king for kids and for businesses.

Recently we’ve begun working with a customer on a large Maximo/GIS integration project that involves many different departments with many different requirements.  Some of these departments are heavy Maximo users, some are not.

Being flexible is good – but leave it to the professionals.

This particular customer has a very extensive GIS system that’s supported by a talented team of developers.  These people have done a ton of cool work creating in-house web solutions that are used across their enterprise every day.  These GIS services enhance this client’s emergency response center, fire department, water management, maintenance crew scheduling, and more.

As we began discussing this client’s requirements for integrating GIS and Maximo, it quickly became apparent that—rather than merely sharing some of the GIS data in Maximo—we could extend all the great work this client’s already done by using our MapEngine solution.  MapEngine is the glue used to create a very rich solution specifically suited for this customer.  So rather than duplicating their requirements with yet another GIS application, we’re giving Maximo all of the cool features that this talented group has already conceived and developed.

One of the great things about MapEngine is it’s “Maximo awareness”.  MapEngine knows how to take data from a litany of sources (e.g. utility billing, assessor data, and more)  and help Maximo process it.  Because of this, it doesn’t matter what GIS solution you’re using.  In the case of this customer, they’re leveraging all their previous work via MapEngine, which allows all their custom services to be integrated into the Maximo framework.

Put simply:  MapEngine allows your company the flexibility to tailor your GIS integration to fit your company’s needs, rather than forcing you to adhere to an arbitrary standard.  Now that isn’t painful at all.