MapEngine Boosts Maximo User Efficiency with Measurement Recording Capability

As recently requested by customers, activeG announces delivery of Measurement Recording (MR) capabilities for its MapEngine product.

MapEngine, the premier GIS integration for IBM Maximo, now offers users the ability to visualize assets being measured or inspected as never before.  MapEngine now gives companies the ability to enhance routine recording of maintenance and inspection results through an intuitive map-based interface.

Click on the links below for a quick MapEngine Measurement Recording demo (requires Flash):


  • Expandable for any maintenance / inspection process:  Assign this capability to any maintenance or inspection process that requires collecting  measurements for Maximo assets, locations, or equipment.  Valve turning, sewer cleaning, pipeline inspections, or any other process – all of these can be individually configured to work with MapEngine’s Measurement Recording.
  • Keeps Maximo/GIS data in sync flexibly:  Lets you configure how measurements get posted and saved internally to Maximo or external databases like GIS.  For instance, a user needs to record how many turns a valve took to close.  MapEngine’s MR capability allows Maximo and GIS system administrators to define how this data gets posted to the asset specification and/or to the GIS feature.
  • Intuitive work flow: User gets a work flow tailored to their measurement recording needs, rather than a convoluted, general solution that’s less that optimal.


  • Data integrity:  Users get visual feedback from the embedded GIS map when they input data into Maximo fields, ensuring the right data gets input for the right asset.
  • Efficiency: Users can record their measurement data more quickly thanks to the intuitive, optimized-to-task interface.

For more information, see the MapEngine webpage, or  contact an activeG representative today.