2020 has been a rough year.  Covid-19, wildfires, contentious US elections, and more. So, naturally we all are looking forward to something better in 2021.  Here at ActiveG, we’re doing our small part to make things better in 2021 by releasing a brand new, completely rebuilt version of our flagship product – ActiveG MapEngine, Version 4.

Work Order Viewing Options in MapEngine 4

MapEngine 4 is an architectural departure from previous versions, taking advantage of the latest software technologies.  It’s a complete rebuild, from the ground up, and we think you’re going to like it.

Here are just a few of the new features and benefits: 

Admin tools

Unlike past versions, MapEngine 4 config happens directly in the application itself.  Users now have more control over the map legend format and visualizations. Admins can now log in and configure map symbols, basemaps, layers, custom searches, work order editing forms and fields, and more.

Updated User Interface

The new UI provides a cleaner, faster, more intuitive user experience. User map interactions are improved and enhanced with hints, better layout, and reduced clicks.  With the new configuration options, users get more information where and when they need it.


Uses Esri JavaScript API, Version 4

By utilizing the latest API from Esri, MapEngine now supports things like heat maps, out of the box.  It also enables better map rendering performance for items like work order rendering and clustering. The new API provides opportunity for exciting enhancements and capabilities.

New application back-end

Configuration is now cloud-based, which results in:

  • Much shorter install times.
  • Virtually no Maximo downtime for app updates.
  • Very few Maximo application changes required
  • No tables added to the Maximo database.

MapEngine 4 Early Adopter Program

We are expecting MapEngine 4 to be available for general release in Q1 2021.  If you’re interested in becoming an early adopter and saving some money, now’s your chance.  You’ll save a bundle on your first year’s subscription.

Join the early adopter program and our team will reach out to you to get you started with all the details.