1. What is MapEngine?
    MapEngine is a J2EE web application with two primary parts: 1) an interactive map extension that can be embedded and integrated into any page within Maximo and 2) a map-based connection to other client systems (e.g. customer information/CRM systems, assessor data, billing, and more.)
  2. What GIS software is compatible with MapEngine? MapEngine always supports the latest version of Esri ArcGIS.
  3. Does MapEngine require Maximo Spatial to work?
    No, MapEngine is not required/used by Maximo Spatial. It’s a complete GIS integration for Maximo.
  4. Does MapEngine require Maximo Linear to work?
    No, MapEngine does not require Maximo Linear.  However, you can use Maximo Linear with the MapEngine, depending upon your business practices.
  5. Does MapEngine provide any advantages when doing linear asset management?
    Yes!  For a detailed answer to this question see our post on Linear Asset Management Demystified.
  6. What versions of Maximo are compatible with MapEngine?
    MapEngine is always compatible with the latest versions of Maximo, and provides support back to Maximo 7.5.
  7. Does installing MapEngine in my Maximo environment make it hard for me to upgrade Maximo?
    No. Because MapEngine provides a lightweight integration into the Maximo framework, you get all the advantages of map-based Maximo interactivity without the tight coupling that would prevent you from upgrading when you’re ready.