Tube Lines Limited (London, UK) and their implementation partner Enterprise AMS Group have selected ActiveG™ MapEngine™ as the spatial integration for Tube Lines’ IBM Maximo 7.5 system, as a key component of their Asset Management Improvement Program (AMIP).

MapEngine will deliver advanced spatial integration of Tube Lines’ Intergraph GIS maps in their Maximo enterprise asset management (EAM) system, providing users with dynamic visualization and map-based creation of work orders, service requests, routes, and more.

“The seamless integration of the existing GIS system by literally taking it inside of Maximo 7.5 will enable our Planners to create maintenance work packages using spatial information. This will make better use of the very limited maintenance window that is available each night by reducing walking time between jobs.

It will also enable our Strategic Planners to visually see the interaction between different asset classes at any given location. For example, we can see how poor condition drainage assets affect the performance of track and signaling assets. This information will inform decisions about major renewals and ensure that investment is targeted in the areas that will have the biggest impact on the overall performance of the railway”

James Foley, Implementation Manager, Tube Lines AMIP Program

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About Tube Lines

Tube Lines Limited focuses on maintaining, renewing and upgrading the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly Lines to speed up travel for 1.9 million people every day in the heart of London.

Tube Lines is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Transport for London and has been since 2010. They’re responsible for delivering the engineering and modernization program on its lines. They work in partnership with London Underground, which is responsible for the overall strategy and management of the Tube network including the operation of train services, ticketing, fares and travelcards, timetables and the closure of lines and stations.

Tube Lines Limited maintain, renew and upgrade over 320km of track, 254 points and crossings, 255 trains, 100 stations, 4,314 bridges and structures, 80km of embankments and cuttings, 231 escalators and 110 lifts. It’s a massive 41% of the entire Tube network. And it’s a huge responsibility. With over 500 million passenger journeys made each year on its network, safety, reliability and high performance are key to what they do.

About ActiveG

ActiveG provides innovative, advanced spatial software solutions for companies running IBM Maximo, delivering complete integration of your Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) with the Maximo product line, via its MapEngine™ and InformME™ solutions.