If your company has struggled to maximize your investment of Maximo and ArcGIS together, the time is right to begin to take a more proactive, more methodical approach to your EAM strategy as it pertains to GIS technologies and tools.

Why ActiveG?

ActiveG is uniquely qualified to assist you with such a comprehensive program effort. ActiveG has a long history of innovation. No other company has the breadth of ArcGIS and Maximo technical and business experience. No other company offers such a rich set of spatial solutions for Maximo. For over two decades, ActiveG has proven to be a valuable, innovative, and affordable business partner that can help you reach the pinnacle of GIS-Maximo integration.

The Program

ActiveG’s Spatial-EAM program provides your company a comprehensive analysis, assessment, and detailed recommendations of what types of GIS/Maximo integrations will provide the biggest benefit to your operations.

3 Steps to Spatial-EAM Optimization

All this is based upon three key concepts:  1) synchronizing your GIS and Maximo data, 2) visualizing and interacting with that integrated data, and 3) automating that data to support your business processes. 

The program includes deliverables such as:

  1. Spatial EAM Roadmap

    A multi-year EAM plan that comprehends the ArcGIS, Maximo, and ActiveG product roadmaps and includes an application evaluation and strategy, as well as a use case analysis and strategy.

  2. Process Improvement Recommendations

    Identifying clear areas of focus for process improvement and efficiency

  3. Technical Resource Planning

    Evaluate, budget, and allocate resources for: Licensing, application upgrades, enhancements, configuration.

  4. Human Resource Planning

    Build a plan for employee competencies, skills, and training to take better advantage of what you are already invested in (e.g. ArcGIS, Maximo).

  5. Data Assessment

    ActiveG experts will help you assess your readiness for spatial data integration with Maximo, evaluate the health of data already integrated, and provide recommendations for resolving tough data issues.

Contact ActiveG today to discover how you can get started down the path of maximizing your ArcGIS-Maximo investment and improve your operations.