ActiveG PowerSync

—Powerful bi-directional synchronization for Esri ArcGIS and Maximo

Intuitive Synchronization

Whether you’re importing assets and locations into Maximo for the first time, or if you want to improve your data integration for Maximo, ActiveG PowerSync™ efficiently and easily synchronizes Maximo and ArcGIS data. It’s wizard-driven interface guides you through the process, ensuring you get the results you need. PowerSync’s reporting capabilities show you where you need to focus, making it easy to target and correct discrepancies.

Powersync takes advantage of Esri map services and the Maximo Integration Framework to simplify how you integrate data between GIS and Maximo.  No direct database inserts are required in ArcGIS or Maximo, so the synchronization adheres to your business rules and processes.

Maximo Spatial

Enables integration with Esri ArcGIS mobile apps

Once you link your GIS and Maximo data, you’re ready to start leveraging the tools already at your fingertips. PowerSync now makes it easy to integrate Esri mobile apps like Collector for ArcGIS or ArcGIS for Local Government to gather asset information and intelligently store and use that data in Maximo.

And the best part is–you can deploy your integrated process in minutes, not days.


Maximo Spatial

Quickly enables map visualization for Maximo.

When coupled with ActiveG MapEngine, PowerSync does the map configuration in Maximo for you. By simply running the synchronization, you can immediately start viewing and interacting with maps in Maximo. For instance, 1) configure PowerSync to import GIS hydrant data into Maximo, 2) run the sync, 3) see the hydrant records in Maximo, and 4) start using the map in Maximo to find or create work orders on hydrants.

There are no extra steps to start visualizing maps in Maximo. It really is that simple.

Maximo Standards

PowerSync uses the Maximo Integration Framework (MIF), so your data import is validated and guaranteed to be compatible in Maximo.

Maximo Spatial

Web-based UI

ActiveG PowerSync’s modern web interface allows you to configure your data processing from anywhere you run Maximo. Install it once and it’s available to sync for anyone you authorize using Maximo security roles.

Maximo Spatial

Key Features

  1. Create/update Maximo Asset and Location data based on data changes in GIS.
  2. Insert and update Maximo specifications based on data changes in GIS.
  3. Concatenate complex strings together, via PowerSync’s intuitive interface.
  4. View log of all synchronization transactions via the web or email notification.
  5. Schedule the data import at periodic intervals or sync it on demand.
  6. Automates the appending of XY coordinates on Maximo assets and locations.

System Requirements

ActiveG PowerSync is designed for Maximo 7.5 and greater, and Esri ArcGIS Server 10 and greater.

Customer story: City of Corpus Christi

The City of Corpus Christi, Texas is using ActiveG PowerSync to keep Maximo and GIS in sync. Hundreds of thousands of GIS records were processed to quickly load Maximo Assets and Locations.