ActiveG Nash Workflows

Workflow Engine for ArcGIS, Maximo, and more.

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Let the good ideas flow

ActiveG Nash Workflows let’s you build elegant workflows  between Maximo and ArcGIS without code and without hassle. 

Nash unleashes your EAM and GIS systems in ways you have only imagined.  The promise of map-centric workflows delivered in a robust yet simple way is finally fulfilled. Now you can take advantage of the best of apps you already license and leverage them in real, useful workflows and processes that let your workforce focus on the work.

What is it?

  • Powerful, process-based data and workflow editor for REST APIs
  • Designed for IBM Maximo and Esri ArcGIS, with more modules to follow


  • Very flexible, yet simple enough for non-coders to use it
  • Replaces your current scripts and unmanaged code
  • Build a recipe, then copy and modify it
    • e.g. turn a Fire Hydrant Inspections flow into a Valve Inspections flow
  • High ROI and rapid deployment of real solutions

Use cases

Nash Workflows enable a myriad of use cases that can streamline your operations, improve your data collection, and optimize your work: