AIBM Business Partner Award - Best of ShowctiveG won the IBM Tivoli Best of Show Award for its InformME product on March 2, 2013 at the IBM Pulse Convention in Las Vegas, NV.  ActiveG displayed InformME’s ability to create and manage work orders and assets visually, in a mobile environment.

During the competition involving 10 other IBM Business Partner solutions, ActiveG’s team demonstrated how InformME, built on the Interloc Mobile Informer platform, helps mobile users organize work based on location in disconnected GIS environment.  The judges were impressed with InformME’s ability to create and update linear work orders by drawing on the mobile map to mark the areas of work, and then see that information replicated in core Maximo.

For more information on how ActiveG InformME can help your company improve its mobility solutions with map-based visualization in connected and disconnected environments, see the InformME page, or contact ActiveG today.