The official release of ActiveG MapEngine 3.2 is now available, bringing MapEngine users a brand new mobile Maximo experience.

Past versions of MapEngine required the users to open Maximo and login in to launch MapEngine.  That’s still an option for desktop Maximo users.  However, mobile phone or tablet users can simply access the same great MapEngine features as a standalone web app.

With this new standalone version comes support for some terrific new use cases, including:

  • My Work – an interactive list of the users open work orders
  • Work Order Create/Update – Simple creation of work orders from the map, with easy, interactive forms for creating and updating Maximo work orders.
  • Work Logs
  • Labor Reporting
  • New! Survey123 for ArcGIS integration! – Imagine easily building rich data collection forms with location awareness and integrating that into specfic Maximo business processes.  It’s now possible with this new MapEngine version.
  • And more!

Of course, this new version includes all the other robust MapEngine features that make it the premier ArcGIS-based work and asset visualization and interactive tool for Maximo.

So now, when you install MapEngine, you’re really getting two solutions in one: A full-featured ArcGIS integration for Maximo on the desktop that morphs into a standalone mobile, map-based spatial work management solution.